Teide Sunrise

The Altavista Mountain Refuge, located at 3,260 metres above sea level, is the perfect point from which to enjoy the best sunrise on Tenerife, with the majestic shadow of the volcano being projected onto the Atlantic Ocean.

The refuge has three bedrooms with a total capacity of fifty-four mountaineers, apart from toilets without a shower, kitchen, storage rooms and a sick bay. Stays are limited to one night with a prior online reservation. The overnight stay includes warm bedclothes, with the result that users need not take a sleeping bag.

A stay at the Altavista Mountain Refuge includes the option of taking the Telesforo Bravo footpath to the crater to see the dawn from the top of Europe’s tallest volcano. Mountaineers generally leave the refuge in the small hours to reach the peak just when dawn is breaking and then they leave the footpath before nine o’clock in the morning. From that time on, it is necessary to have a special free permit given by the Mount Teide National Park on its reservations website.

The estimated time to reach the Altavista Mountain Refuge using the Montaña Blanca footpath is four hours, and to reach the peak of Mount Teide from the Refuge takes about two further hours.

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