Garachico, example of historical canarian architecture

Garachico is a picturesque town considered by many to be one of the most beautiful on the Island. It was founded in 1496 by the Genoese tradesman Cristóbal de Ponte, and since then a number of churches and fabulous little palaces were gradually built, which still today preserve their traditional aesthetics. The chapel of San Roque, the former Santo Domingo de Guzmán monastery, the old San Francisco monastery and the El Lamero estate are some of the sites you simply must visit. Part of the town’s charm is its laid-back atmosphere, tempting visitors to take a seat in one of its squares, such as Plaza de la Libertad, Plaza de Abajo and Plaza de las Lonjas.

After a rest, we recommend you visit the house of the Marquise of Quinta Roja, the Casa de Piedra (Stone House) the Condes de la Gomera house and the Antigua Puerta de Tierra park. And don’t miss the Santa Ana mother church and the castle-fortress of San Miguel.

Garachico is an Asset of Cultural Interest and is classed as a Historic Site. In 1980 it received the Gold Medal of Fine Arts.

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