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Before the Canary Islands were conquered by Spain, the aborigines would make gofio by toasting different kinds of grain in clay dishes and grinding it using basalt stones. As from the 16th century, the variety of cereals used broadened, especially with the arrival of corn from America, which became a key ingredient in the gofio we know today. Its uses range from exquisite gofio mousses and nougats to afternoon snacks and breakfasts served in Canarian homes, such as milk and gofio or mashed bananas dusted with nutritional gofio flour.

Every year, the finest chefs and confectioners surprise their audiences with innovative recipes using gofio in combination with other local or foreign products. In addition to its flavour, gofio is rich in minerals and carbohydrates, making it a great food for sportspeople. Traditionally, it was hand-rolled into balls mixed with water, salt, honey or nuts, or used to make nougat.


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